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Fondation pour LA VRAIE VIE EN DIEU




Dear TLIG Readers and Friends,


TLIG asks for your help. Let us explain:


The messages of TLIG have reached the 4 corners of the planet. As Christ said, “My Word will spread from a rivulet it will become a river and from a river an ocean”. While it was still a rivulet, Vassula managed everything almost on her own. Air tickets, answering mail, photocopying the messages, going to mission, receiving messages, writing the report after the mission etc., and of course household work! So now, after 25 years, it is a very large river, and so the people God sent Vassula (and this includes you too, of course) were called to live the messages and spread them. Administration started to crush Vassula, as more and more travelling was required from our Lord. For this, our Lord has brought Vassula to create the Foundation for True Life in God. This project has taken some time to become established; however, with God’s help, the Foundation is now active.


Vassula defines the main task of the Foundation in her Deed of Instructions as follows: I have created the Foundation, based in Geneva, Switzerland, in order that care be taken and help provided to the diffusion of the True Life in God messages.


Some people might ask: is a Foundation necessary? Vassula answers: the Foundation relieves me of all administrative tasks so as to concentrate fully on my mission. Vassula has put the Foundation in charge of managing her copyrights, ensuring publishing and, in some cases, the printing of the Messages. It is called to run organisational and legal matters related to TLIG, assist in worldwide evangelisation efforts in different ways, for example financing Vassula's air tickets and hotels in countries like Asia and Africa which cannot afford to pay, yet ask for her to visit, ensuring Message books are available on site; also to finance a new book on Vassula and her mission to lead people to read the Messages etc. The Foundation assists National Associations in their mission and oversees all Beth Myriams, including the central Beth Miriam Fund, called to work according to Vassula's Beth Myriam Charter.

The Foundation will always publish a yearly report of its activities on the website for all to see.

The other question some people might ask is: will the Foundation take major decisions and conclusions without Vassula knowing? Vassula answers: not at all. To be brief and straightforward: Vassula is consulted and will always have the ‘last word’.  


The Foundation itself now needs funding to run its task which includes all that is said above. For this to succeed, we appeal to all of you, helpers on all fronts for True Life in God all over the world and members of TLIG prayer groups, to support the Foundation as best as you can, now and in the future. Donations are the Foundations only income.


Thank you so much for your generous help and support.

Yours in Christ,

Foundation for True Life in God.


Donations by bank transfers

Banque Cantonale de Genève (BCGE)
Quai de l'Ile 17 - CP 2251
1211 Genève 2 (Switzerland)


Account name: Fondation pour la Vraie Vie en Dieu

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Account No. 0504 7217 2

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